On May 1, we were on the big flea market in Laufen





On the first of April we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Frog museum
with a total of 300 guests.





The museum was rebuilt and given, many frogs could be rearranged.



2010, December

Also this year there was a really big water damage, where about 3/4

of the museum was destroyed. No frogs, but many shelves and vitrines

must be removed and disposed of.



This year there was water damage in Frog museum.
Unfortunately not the last ...




2007, February

We received some frogs from a frog collector . When unpacking,

we discovered that many of these frogs in our collection

will find a new place. Therefore we increased the number of

frogs exhibited almost 14'000 pieces.




2007, January

We reached the "magic number" of 24'000 visitors since it opened 1992.




2006, July

We celebrated on the 29th July, the 25-year-old collector's passion by Elfi & Rolf
and we have over 100 invited guests to welcome in the museum.





In July our collection has grown to over 13'500  frog figures.




Our collection is growing steadly.



2004, April

We received some frog gift collections and that enabled us to

expanding collection. We passed in April, the number of frogs with

12'000 pieces (!)



We always have a booth at local flee markets to make attention for our museum.





2002, August

10 year anniversary with a total of 690 visitors, including

our 20'000 visitor since opening in 1992.





2000, summer

The Frog Museum was finally the new website on the Internet put into operation!

Besides general information about the museum are very many Pictures shown.






1999, April


1st frog collector meetings! 30 frog collectors gathered at the Frog Museum

an aperitif with intensive exchange of ideas.





1999, January

15'000 visitors in frog museum.






1997, April

5 year anniversary with a total of 700 (!) visitors from morning

11.00 to dusk at 18.00 clock.




1996, August

10'000 visitors in theFrog Museum "Münchenstein".






USA trip with visit to the legendary city of gold-diggers "Angels Camp"

which "Frog town" is mentioned, because there each year in May

international frog-jumping competition takes place.





Expansion/extensionofmuseums120 m2.






Entry in the Guinness book of records (with images and text).






1992, Sunday 4. April

Opening of the museum of media receptions (23 journalists) Trudi Gerster, the

Swiss-fairy-aunt was there too! (Frog Prince).







Construction of the "Frog Museum" in the building of the HandwerkStadt in Münchenstein.

(approx. 80 m2) relocation of approx. 5'400 frog figures from Basel to Münchenstein.





1990 & 1991

Operation of the "1st Basel Frog Museum" approx. 5'000 frog figures, about 1'200

Visitors! The Swiss television, and many print media reported about it!







Packing and reins of approx. 3'200 frog figures and objects, and

building the "1st Basler Frog Museum" in Kleinbasel, about

25-30m2 large!





1988, autumn

Participation at the collectors exhibition at the "alten Gmeini" in Münchenstein.

20 private collector exhibited e.g. smurfs, elephants, pocket knife, owls etc. and

above all, about 300 frogs from our collection !



1988, spring

USA trip (California, Nevada, Colorado and New York) in "frog Mecca USA",

we found some thousands of frogs!



1981 - 1988

Intensive collecting activity: Each frog was in the collection..




First Newspaper article about our collection (then with 500 frogs).






Beginning of the collection with the first Tin Frog, bought in Freiburg i. Br. (D).